Doctors Academy
'Commitment to Medical Education and Excellence' Award

The Doctors Academy 'Appreciation of Commitment to Medical Education and Excellence' Award grants you the opportunity to display your recognition of and appreciation for an individual who has demonstrated a consistent dedication to your education and training during the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows you to show your gratitude for his/her tireless commitment to medical education, despite the numerous challenges and hardships imposed on the health sector by COVID-19. The successful recipient(s) of the Award will receive due recognition on our webpage and in our academic journal, as well as a monetary gift. In addition, the relevant NHS Trust, Deanery or University will be notified of his/her achievement.

By acknowledging those who play a central and invaluable role in the education of medical students and junior doctors, the Award reinforces Doctors Academy's ethos and passion for high-quality medical education.

We strongly encourage medical students and clinicians to nominate individuals whom they believe should be recognised for making an outstanding contribution to medical education and training between 23rd March 2020 and 23rd March 2021 (significant period of lockdown). Once nominations have closed, the applications will be reviewed by an independent selection panel who will select the strongest nominees. Those individuals will be listed on the Doctors Academy website, and virtual voting will open to other clinicians registered with the GMC and medical students from UK universities. This will ensure that the nominee who has had an appreciable impact on medical students, doctors and/or medical professionals receives the Award. More details are below in the 'Important Dates' section.

Any medical professional in the NHS or academic in one of the UK's Medical Schools can nominate individuals who should be recognised for their outstanding contribution to medical education. The nominee must be a medical or healthcare professional working in the NHS or an academic working in one of the UK's Medical Schools.

Nominations should be submitted by a medical professional within the NHS, or a medical student or an academic from one of the UK's Medical Schools. One may nominate more than one individual.

Selection Process

A distinguished and experienced selection panel will review the initial nominations and shortlist the strongest nominees. These individuals will be listed on the Doctors Academy website, and virtual voting will open.

The selection panel will consist of:
  • Chair of the Doctors Academy Group
  • Director of Research, Doctors Academy Group
  • Consultant from an Appropriate Surgical Specialty
  • Consultant from an Appropriate Medical Specialty
  • Academic from an Appropriate Field

Important Dates

  • The deadline for nominations is 2000 hours (BST) on Sunday 11th April 2021.
  • Nominees shortlisted for the Doctors Academy 'Commitment to Medical Education and Excellence' Award will be notified by 2000 hours (BST) on Sunday 18th April 2021.
  • Voting will open to healthcare professionals working in the NHS and university students/staff at 0900 hours (BST) on Monday 19th April 2021.
  • Voting will close at 2000 hours (BST) on Sunday 2nd May 2021.
  • The winner will be announced at 1800 hours (BST) on Friday 7th May 2021.